ACCIONA Energía and Google have entered into a deal to supply Google’s  datacenter in Chile with 100% renewable energy. The supply will come from the photovoltaic plant ‘El Romero Solar’ that ACCIONA is building in the Atacama Region and that will  become one of the ten largest solar photovoltaic plants in the world.

El Romero will be able to inject up to 80 MW of clean solar energy into Chile’s central  electricity grid, which is the same grid that Google’s data center draws its  energy from, when the project comes online in 2017.

The contract is the result of an international bidding process, where the most prestigious companies in the sector participated and where ACCIONA Energía was awarded.

With this agreement, Google shows its commitment to the environment in its operations, while ACCIONA  strengthens its customer base with a partner that shares its vision and values  in sustainability, as well as to secure its presence in the country.

”We are pleased to  announce this innovative deal, just when the international community tries to agree on measures that will allow to fight more efficiently against climate  change”.

Sam Arons, Manager of Energy and  Infrastructure at Google, explained how El Romero fits into Google’s overall  strategy: “We have entered a series of contracts worldwide that will nearly double our renewable power globally, from 1.2GW to 2GW, and we‘re  working to power 100% of our operations this way.

The El Romero Project is a key project for  us, since it represents not only our first large-scale purchase of renewable  energy in Latin America, but it’s also one of our first datacenter solar contracts. It will allow us to power our data center with renewable energy coming fully from the sun”.


The photovoltaic plant ‘El  Romero Solar’, which is already under construction, will be the biggest one in Latin America and one of the ten largest in the world. With 247 MWp of maximum power (196 nominal  MW), it will produce around 500 GWh annually, which will avoid the emission of 473,000 tons of CO2 in terms of greenhouse gas emissions.

Located in the Vallenar community of the Atacama Region, the solar plant will cover an approximate area  of 280 hectares, with a solar field area of 1.5 million of m2, which amounts to 211 football pitches.

El Romero Solar will be the second asset that ACCIONA Energía owns in Chile, after the Punta Palmeras wind  farm, of 45 MW, located in the Coquimbo Region.



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