It is a pleasure and pride to inform our readers about the supplement REFRINOTICIAS MAGAZINE, whose content is entirely in English language as an information source for the international HVACR market, this fully incorporate REFRINOTICIAS AL AIRE to the journalism global advertising.

By this we acknowledge the support we have received from readers, entrepreneurs and all people who are in the HVACR market. Without this support would have been impossible from the outset be the first to start the HVACR specialized information in Mexico, now is an honor to be the initiators as Mexican HVACR magazine to offer our information service to entire planet, this mark the start of this new modality in Mexico.

It is important to clarify that REFRINOTICIAS AL AIRE, will continue as it has for more than 28 years reporting and considering the HVACR market of Mexico, industry, commerce and services offered in our homeland to all Latinamerica.