DPSS Lasers Introduces New Samurai UV Laser Marking System at INTERPHEX Puerto Rico 2012

[dc]D[/dc]PSS Lasers, Inc. (Santa Clara) is pleased to announce the expansion of its product line with its new UV Laser Marking System, the Samurai. The Samurai will be publicly displayed and demonstrated at INTERPHEX Puerto Rico on October 4 & 5, 2012. DPSS Lasers Inc’s booth is #1009.


DPSS Lasers specializes in manufacturing DPSS, 355 nm, UV laser markers, and low cost UV lasers with high peak powers and repetition rates that are ideal for marking and engraving materials such as HDPE, ceramic, plastics and metals. By utilizing the 355 nm wavelength, the Samurai provides a small spot size and large depth of focus. UV lasers take advantage of a “cold” marking process that does not require high average power levels and allows damage-free marking on many materials.

Applications using the Samurai UV “cold laser” marker are product coding, Micromachining, Marking, Sapphire Scribing, ITO Removal, Semiconductor, and Medical Packaging. Unlike IR lasers, UV can utilize photo-ablation or photochemical response rather than thermal-ablation, which can damage many materials.

DPSS Lasers was originally established as a DPSS Laser group within LiCONiX, Inc. It began operating as a separate, privately held company in September 1998 with an accomplished team of engineers, scientists and a field-proven, high power DPSS laser already in production. Its Series 3500 model was the first DPSS, 355 nm, UV laser on the market to achieve powers over 3 Watts. It has already won several industry awards for innovation and has firmly established itself as the world’s leading supplier of quasi-cw 355nm diode pumped solid state lasers.