Haier Returns to AHR Expo to Showcase Full Line of Air Quality Solutions

Haier FlexFit Ductless System to Debut


Haier America, a division of the multinational home appliance and consumer electronics manufacturer Haier Group, returns to the AHR Expo in Chicago, IL with a new line of air quality products, including the Haier FlexFit ductless system. This product line allows for mixing and matching of the same indoor units to both single-zone and multi-zone outdoor units, effectively reducing the time and cost of inventory management.

“We’re excited to debut the FlexFit line at AHR this year, as well as showcasing the broad array of products that Haier offers, from ductless systems and portable units to commercial applications,” said Gina Copeland, senior vice president and Air Quality Business Unit Leader, Haier America. “We hope to pave the way for Haier to serve as a key solutions provider in the HVAC space with these new product introductions.”

FlexFit is a top-of-the-line modular system that allows for optimal ductless pairings between indoor and outdoor units. Sixteen units can be combined to create more than 1,000 energy-efficient HVAC solutions, designed with cost-effectiveness in mind.

Oftentimes, conventional ductless systems require specific indoor units to match with specific outdoor units. Distributors and contractors have fewer choices in terms of solutions, as well as a greater burden on finding inventory. Haier’s FlexFit products aim to address this issue.

With FlexFit, indoor units can be mixed and matched to any of Haier’s single or multi-zone outdoor units, providing a solution for almost any ductless AC need. This built-in flexibility lets distributors and contractors reduce inventory up to 50% by combining Haier’s ductless products – there is a fit for virtually every home.