LG Electronics ENERGY STAR® Products Selected For Proud Green Home Project

As the major “ENERGY STAR Technology Provider” for the Proud Green Home, LG Electronics USA is playing a key role in this unique project that features techniques, products and design to create a sustainable home for the future.


The Proud Green Home at Serenbe project is a design-build collaboration located in the sustainable community of Serenbe, Ga., just south of Atlanta, sponsored by LG Electronics and other partners focused on sustainability. From its ENERGY STAR “Most Efficient” qualified LG refrigerator, washing machine and LED TVs to its LG HVAC system and PV Panels, the Proud Green Home is a showcase of energy efficiency. The community of Serenbe is built around sustainability: everything from the home’s methods of construction to the organic produce on the tables breathes sustainability.  This philosophy encouraged Luis Imery, founder of The Imery Group (www.imerygroup.com) and designer/builder of Proud Green Home, to make Serenbe the home of their net zero project. They partnered with LG Squared, Inc., a residential designer, to provide creative support in building the ideal home. That ideal home meant selecting a number of LG Electronics products to help achieve net zero efficiency.

“Environmental sustainability is a core business principle at LG Electronics,” says LG Electronics USA President and CEO Wayne Park.  “The Proud Green Home is a perfect example of what can happen when like-minded companies and individuals come together to do something great for the planet. We’re proud that LG ENERGY STAR products and solar panels helped make this project a reality.”

According to Imery, the Proud Green Home at Serenbe required the most energy efficient systems to make the net zero goal a reality. Starting with heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), LG’s new Multi-V Mini ductless system ensures minimum energy consumption but maximum outputs for interior comfort. The AHRI certified zoned single-phase Multi V Mini system is designed to provide the owner the benefits of variable refrigerant flow (VRF), including lower annual operating costs, minimal or no duct work to purchase or install and superior comfort with room zoning while maintaining architectural integrity. The ability to control multiple zones makes the LG Multi V Mini ideal for the Proud Green Home at Serenbe project, because it will help control the amount of energy being used to cool and heat the residence.

“Building a net zero home is more than sustainable products; it takes a collection of like-minded companies with a goal of energy efficiency to bring all the right products together,” said Imery. “The LG HVAC system is the perfect foundation for this project as much of a home’s energy usage can be attributed to the heating and cooling. The LG system maximizes occupant comfort while providing the control to make it as energy efficient as possible.”

Creating a net zero home means installing an energy source that will generate the same amount of power that the building needs, Imery explains.  LG Electronics’ Mono X™ solar panels were selected for the home as its renewable energy solution. The 40 photovoltaic panels installed on the home’s roof deliver increased energy, compared with previous models, based on key LG innovations. LG Solar’s selective emitter technology improves the solar cell efficiency and simplifies the manufacturing process. Fine line electrodes have been created via significant improvements in the screen-printing process. The resulting broader light absorption area generates a greater amount of power. LG’s own “surface passivation” technology reduces the electrical loss at the solar cell surface. With LG’s advanced surface treatment technology absorbing more sunlight, the power output of the photo-conversion function is much greater than conventional multicrystalline solar cells. Energy efficient appliances and electronics from LG Electronics complement the solar panels and HVAC system in this net-zero home project.  Imery said LG’s leading position in the new ENERGY STAR Most Efficient designation category was a key consideration in selecting LG products exclusively for the project.

The centerpiece of the Proud Green Home’s kitchen is LG’s large-capacity 3-door French Door refrigerator, which earned the coveted ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2013 designation.  Its linear compressor and smart cooling technologies assure that you don’t have to compromise on performance, capacity or style to have energy efficiency.   Other LG kitchen appliances in the Proud Green Home include LG’s ENERGY STAR certified steam dishwasher as well as a built-in double wall oven, professional-grade 36-inch gas cooktop and countertop microwave with EasyClean™ interior.