Based in Lahti, Finland and active in the energy industry, Oilon has decided to invest in the growing South American market. The company has established a unit in Brazil with the intention to promote the Oilon brand and to supply burners manufactured by the Oilon Group as well as to develop maintenance and supply of spare parts in the local market. In addition, Oilon also manufactures industrial heat pumps, which will play an important role in the large South American food industry sector.


A growing market with a strong concern for the environment generates a large demand for clean energy solutions. Heat pumps and industrial burners, both developed and manufactured by Oilon, attract a wide range of customers all over the world. Oilon’s high quality solutions allow them to enjoy cost savings while still respecting the environment.

“In South America the burners will be installed in locally manufactured boilers, producing steam and/or hot water to meet the industry needs. Those burners will be manufactured in the group’s existing factories, located in Lahti, Finland and Wuxi, China. The growth in South America will create jobs in those factories; however it is still too early to estimate how big the effect will be.” says Mr Eero Pekkola, the CEO of the company.

Operations in Brazil commenced in the beginning of 2012, when Mr Johan Tallberg, General Manager of Oilon Burners Wuxi, was relocated to manage South American operations as Managing Director of Oilon Brasil Energia in the city of Campinas, located approximately one hour away from São Paulo.

“Campinas will be our South American headquarters, in the same way that the city of Wuxi in China acts as a central base of our operations in Asia. From Campinas we will supply and promote the products and services to all of South America” says Johan Tallberg, “We want to be close to São Paulo, the largest commercial center in South America.” he adds.

The region has already a relevant installed base of Oilon burners, which require spare parts and annual maintenance. The future prospective for the industry in Latin America is good. The economy is growing and the countries are self-sufficient in regard to several important raw materials. Many of the leading industrial companies in the world have been strongly increasing their production capacity and investment in the rapidly growing South American market.