With a century-long legacy, Rintuf has been at the forefront of providing cooling comfort to over a million families across 30+ countries. This year, introduce the Rintuf 2023 Fully Air-Conditioned Series, a cutting-edge solution designed to deliver exceptional cooling experiences to customers worldwide.


The Rintuf portable air conditioner is designed to provide fast and efficient cooling for any space, including bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and offices. With a cooling capacity of up to 8000-14000 BTU and eco-friendly refrigeration materials, this air conditioner ensures a comfortable environment even on the hottest summer days. In addition, its sleep mode function minimizes noise for a restful night’s sleep. The 24-hour timer allows customers to set the unit to turn on and off as needed for optimal energy efficiency.

Ideal for rooms ranging from 350-700 sq. ft., the Rintuf portable air conditioner ensures uniform cooling with its innovative swing function, distributing air evenly throughout the room. Installation is quick and easy, as each purchase includes everything needed for a seamless setup: a portable air conditioner, adjustable window mount kit, exhaust hose, remote control, water pipe, and user manual. In addition, no special tools or extra fees are required to install hand and slide windows.

Rintuf’s portable air conditioner prioritizes user convenience with its easy-to-read LED display and compact remote control. As a result, customers can effortlessly adjust the mode, temperature, timer, wind speed, swing, and switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit while relaxing on the sofa or lying in bed.

Additionally, the air conditioner is designed with four 360° wheels for easy relocation between rooms, making it versatile for use in various spaces such as bedrooms, studies, living rooms, kitchens, small offices, RVs, and parties. The plug and cable can also be neatly organized when the season changes, ensuring a clutter-free living space.