Ritchie Engineering Company, Inc., the leader in service tools for HVAC/R professionals and manufacturer of YELLOW JACKET® products, is proud to introduce their new RealTorque Core Removal Tools.

Edición Digital Febrero 2023

Removal of system Schrader cores can greatly increase the speed of recovery and evacuation. Once charging is complete, it is important that the system Schrader cores be properly tightened to prevent leaks. The RealTorque Core Removal Tool by YELLOW JACKET® has an integrated torque mechanism that clicks as soon as the Schrader core has been tightened to the manufacturer recommended torque value of 3-5 in-lb. This provides assurance that the Schrader core is properly tightened on every job and minimizes the chances of leaks from this area of the system. For more information, please visit: https://yellowjacket.com/product/realtorque-core-removal-tools/