ASHRAE has announced the launch of an updated and improved online standards review database that allows members and non-members access to public review drafts for standards, guidelines, and addenda and to submit comments.



“The online standards review database has been updated to provide greater functionality than our previous system,” says Jeff Littleton, ASHRAE executive vice president. “The new system improves efficiency for staff and volunteers by providing information in a faster and a more meaningful way. We’re excited to present such a well-integrated database to our standards development community.”


The new system offers a single sign in feature, keeping the user logged in if already logged into, and a new dashboard, to easily access and highlight those items that require attention. The dashboard provides quick links to individual and committee comments, committee responses to comments, continuous maintenance proposals, and outstanding ballots.


Additional features of the improved database include:

  • Complete letter balloting within the system with downloadable reports that demonstrate procedural compliance with ASHRAE ANSI approved standards development procedures
  • The ability to hold committee votes on motions to approve public review publication interpretations, minutes and any other committee business
  • Voting rules that are compliant with ASHRAE procedures, allowing for reduction of errors and minimizing the need for members to maintain excessive documentation,
  • Automated notifications, warnings and reminders directly from the system, when deadlines are approaching
  • Continuous maintenance proposals entirely online, and
  • The ability to view proposals online and download proposals to work offline

“We’re pleased to bring this improved innovative tool to our members and nonmembers alike,” says 2018-19 ASHRAE president Sheila J. Hayter. “This updated database will be an invaluable resource toward ensuring that ASHRAE’s rigorous examination of standards is strengthened.”