During the 2023 Eurovent Annual meeting in Rotterdam, Netherlands, the Eurovent Commission appointed Britta Permats, Managing Director at Svensk Ventilation, as its new Vice-Chairperson.


Britta Permats succeeds Ilkka Salo, Managing Director at Talteka in the position of the Eurovent Commission Vice-Chairperson. She will be supporting the continuing Chairperson Lennart Ostergaard, Senior Manager at VELTEK Ventilation. As Commission Vice-Chairperson, she will also take up a seat on the Eurovent Board. Britta has extensive experience in the ventilation sector and has been long involved in the Eurovent Commission and several Task Forces of Eurovent. She has furthermore worked in various positions within the HVAC industry and also as an HVAC planner.

During the General Assembly, Britta gave a speech upon the announcement of her new position. She stated: “It is an honour for me to be in the Eurovent Board. I have attended the Eurovent Commission and the General Assembly since 2010. Joining the Board will be something new and interesting, as I will learn more about the Eurovent family. I look forward to this “see and learn” situation, in which I can hopefully contribute to the agenda of Eurovent as well.” In conclusion of her speech, she recited a poem in honour of her appointment as Commission Vice-Chairperson.

The Eurovent Commission is one of the association’s decision-making bodies, consisting of staff members of Eurovent’s national Member Associations. Its key tasks, as opposed to other decision-making bodies, are to coordinate among national Member Associations and to develop guiding positions and documents. The Eurovent Commission elects a Chairperson for a three-year term and appoints a Vice-Chairperson for a one-year term according to a rotating schedule. Both are automatically members of the Eurovent Board.