Rental Solutions & Services provides 19,000TR temporary cooling to Abu Dhabi

Rental Solutions & Services (RSS), a global provider of rental power, temporary cooling and mobile water solutions, has successfully installed 19,000TR (66,820kW) of rental cooling in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.
Given the GCC high summer temperatures, the need for temporary chiller installations and other air-cooled hire packages is imperative to augment the heating temperature in various businesses and heavy industries.
Between the months of May and September, demand for rental chillers, air handling units, DX units, and other cooling application equipment rises significantly across the GCC.
Lee Cox, general manager of RSS Southern Gulf said that the company is currently cooling several industrial, commercial, government and residential in the UAE capital.
These include two hospitals, the largest mall in Abu Dhabi, the largest sports city in the capital, maritime vessels, aviation hangers and over 20 high rise mixed-use buildings.
Furthermore, RSS is providing cooling services to the three largest district cooling companies in Abu Dhabi during construction and commissioning stage of their DC plants, Cox claimed.
“RSS has been helping district cooling companies to bridge the gap between supply and demand. Our temporary chiller hire packages are either connected to the district cooling plants, to the DC pipe network or directly to the buildings,” he pointed out.
According to Robert Bagatsing, Group Marketing Manager of RSS, Abu Dhabi has an estimated rental cooling demand of 40,000TR (140,674 kW).
Rental cooling for industrial applications includes mining, oil & gas, refineries, petrochemicals, power plants, maritime, aviation, manufacturing, warehousing and construction. Utility companies such as district cooling or electricity authorities can also rent power solution packages and mobile water desalination for their DC plants and power sub-stations.