The company is ready to offer innovative compressors for applications with propane and isobutene refrigerants

From January 23rd to 25th, 2012, Embraco will present its most advanced products for commercial applications at the AHR Expo Show in Chicago. The world leader in hermetic compressors for the refrigeration market brings innovative and high energy systems, reinforcing Embraco’s position as the ideal partner for refrigeration solutions. This position of the company is based on product offerings that raise the level of customer service.


Embraco holds over 1,000 patents worldwide as a result of its commitment to innovation and technology. The company has global operations and, therefore, counts on a portfolio of compressors and condensing units able to meet the different needs of its customers and the more restrictive legislation regarding energy consumption. Embraco is the world leader in high energy efficient compressors.

A pioneer in the use of natural fluid refrigerants, Embraco offers a complete line of products using refrigerants such as propane (R290) and isobutene (R600a). According to Embraco’s North American Sales Manager, Greg Hutchinson, the commercial refrigeration segment presents a wide variety of applications and to offer quick responses, Embraco also relies on specialized service teams. «The quality of our products combined with our technical expertise enables us to participate in any project, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, in the conventional ON-OFF technology as well as variable speed technology,» Hutchinson explains.

In the ON-OFF technology, the NTU compressor plays an important role in Embraco’s high energy efficiency portfolio and this product will be highlighted at the AHR Expo Show as the best option for various applications, especially ice makers.

Embraco will also present its new platform designed for variable capacity, the VES compressor. This product offers to customers a new intelligent system experience, varying the cooling capacity as needed and covers a big range of commercial application in R600, specially wine coolers.

Check out Embraco’s products that will be featured in the AHR Expo

NTU Compressor – The new NTU product family has achieved 10% higher efficiency levels compared to the best compressor in the market, reaching 6.0 Btu/Wh (*). In addition, patented suction muffler allows up to 15% capacity improvement. Its capacity range has been extended up to 9.700 Btu/h (*) allowing space saving on demanding applications.

(*) ARI MBP Check point conditionals

F line compressor – F line is a well known solution for medium-sized commercial applications. It can provide high performance levels, reliability, low energy consumption and it is ecologically friendly, also available in Propane which is a natural gas that has negligible ozone depletion potential and very low global warming potential.

EM2X1121U and EM2X1125U compressors – they represent the combination of high efficiency, environmental refrigerant (propane) and mini size platform. Available voltages: 115-127V/ 60Hz, 220-240V/ 50Hz and 220V/ 60Hz

VES compressor – VES is a new VCC platform developed exclusively for variable capacity compressors. It brings new concepts and competencies to optimize refrigeration solutions with extraordinary results such as reduction of energy consuption in the system by up to 40%, lower noise and vibration levels. Compact (139 mm), VES will cover a big range of commercial application in R600, specially wine coolers.