Fujitsu Reinforcing engineering base in Thailand

Fujitsu General will double the development power of commercial use air conditioners by constructing a new R&D Center at Fujitsu General Engineering (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “FGE”), a development base of commercial use air conditioners in Thailand, and expanding and reinforcing development facility significantly. The total investment amount will be about 2 billion yen including land acquisition, construction of new R&D Center, expansion of test and design equipment. The construction started at the end of August and will be completed in May, 2016.


The company is striving for the strengthening of product power of commercial air conditioners as part of expansion and strengthening of air conditioner business focusing our efforts on the enrichment of product lineup to correspond to diverse needs of various markets of the world as well as grade-up of element technology to cope with the solution for global warming issue. To that end, Fujitsu are pushing forward to the reinforcement of the development bases.

FGE was established in 1999 in the premises of Fujitsu General (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a manufacturing factory of commercial use air conditioners, and has been engaged in the development closely related to the production site such as cost reduction, enhancement of productivity by promoting the cooperative relation with suppliers.

Now, to reinforce FGE by strengthening the development power of commercial use air conditioners, Fujitsu will acquire the land adjacent to the current factory and construct a new R&D Center. The new building will be in the scale of capacity accommodating more than 200 engineers adopting latest test facility at the same time so as to strengthen the function as a development center substantially.

The outline of the 3-story building is 1st floor for integration of test equipment, 2nd floor for design examination and collaboration with factories and vendors and 3rd floor for the work room of all engineers aiming at the efficient floor composition arranged to suit the purpose and considering the activation of communication between engineers, factory staff and suppliers.