Daikin Technology Ushers in New Era of HVAC Capabilities with Integration of Internet of Things

Intelligent Equipment™ unlocks data that will revolutionize the HVAC industry


It sounds more like a plot from a science fiction film than real life: according to recent projections, there will be three times as many internet-connected things on Earth as there are people within the next 10 years. This transition, which once seemed abstract and consumer-centric, has become a reality for the industrial and commercial markets and it’s impacting how the HVAC industry conducts business at the equipment and controls level. Leveraging the advancements and growth in machine-to-machine communications, Daikin Applied is launching Intelligent Equipment™. This new technology platform harnesses the Internet of Things (IoT) for the first time in commercial HVAC equipment, making it possible for HVAC systems to talk to operators and proactively take action, in order to improve efficiencies and exponentially increase cost savings.


Unlock data and shift behaviors in real time

“The Internet of Things is impacting all levels of how we interact with, control and maintain HVAC equipment,” said Paul Rauker, vice president of systems and controls at Daikin Applied. “We’re able to unlock data and use that information in ways never possible before now. We’re able to receive actionable, real-time data and see proactive shifts in behavior instantly, without expending additional effort.”

With the technology, HVAC systems can be monitored and controlled remotely using any mobile device. It moves users from a reactive to a proactive model, in order to quickly adjust ineffective systems and help facility managers maintain equipment before it loses efficiency or impacts occupant comfort. By unlocking the data, Intelligent Equipment also enables managers to make better business decisions.


Viable alternative to traditional BAS

Offering increased access and insights into a building’s performance, Daikin Intelligent Equipment is a viable alternative to traditional building automation systems – and at a fraction of the cost. Intelligent Equipment makes it possible for HVAC systems to deliver users’ financial summaries of their energy savings and equipment payback; sync with weather forecasts to adjust for changing climates before it happens; and give users direct access to its power usage levels as well as its CO2 use, providing a more accurate view of their carbon footprint.

Easily interfaces with new or legacy equipment

Daikin Applied plans to incorporate the Intelligent Equipment platform across its entire product line beginning with packaged rooftop systems, specifically Daikin Rebel™, Daikin Maverick™ II and RoofPak™ The technology easily interfaces with new or legacy equipment, and the units will intuitively know when to adjust for occupant comfort and energy efficiency. Daikin Intelligent Equipment is powered by an Intel® IoT Gateway along with Intel® Decision Solutions: Trend Analytics Module that offers users the confidence of predictive maintenance. The solution also includes a Wind River® IoT platform based on its Linux operating system and overall security is provided by Intel® McAfee.