Application, Technology and Efficiency Benefits Demonstrated in Educational Sessions

Award-winning air conditioning system solutions provider LG Electronics USA is showcasing its residential ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient 2015 products and enhanced Multi V IV VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) air conditioning systems at the 2015 AHR Expo, the world’s largest HVACR industry trade show that caters to the needs of engineers, contractors and other trade professionals.

LG and its latest lineup of commercial and residential air conditioning systems are paving the way in real technology leadership, application options and superior efficiency. At LG’s AHR Expo booth (4849), attendees will be able to touch and interact with the latest LG air conditioning products, learn first-hand about outstanding energy efficiency and receive an in-depth look at LG innovations coming in 2015. LG experts will also conduct scheduled, on-site educational sessions to illustrate product benefits, advantages and applications.

“This year, we wanted our energy efficient products to take center stage at AHR Expo. Our expanded range of air conditioning systems on display exemplifies LG’s most innovative ideas and technologies to date, including a variety of advanced, new features that demonstrate LG’s commitment to leading-edge technology,” said Kevin McNamara, vice president, Air Conditioning Systems, LG Electronics USA. “In addition to developing sustainable products that reduce utility costs for building owners, we’ve also introduced smart technology that paves the way toward building a connected home.”

LG Multi V™ Systems

LG is expanding its Multi V IV air source range to include nominal 38-, 40- and 42-ton outdoor unit models. The units will be available this spring in triple-frame configurations, with the 42-ton model being the only triple frame 42-ton VRF unit available in the United States.

With industry-leading VRF technology, LG Multi V IV delivers outstanding energy savings and enables occupants to direct cooling or heating to only the zones that need it. The advanced compressor design and optimized heat exchanger contribute to an enhanced AHRI certified efficiency of up to 36.0 IEER, the highest in the industry. The units also feature Vapor Injection Technology for maximum performance in cold climates. The system can heat continuously down to -13 degrees Fahrenheit and can cool continuously from 14 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit, without the need for an additional low ambient kit, where the heating capacity will not be compromised by long pipe lengths nor change as the outdoor air temperatures fluctuate down to 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Cooling capacity is not impacted by fluctuations in the outdoor air temperatures up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit. The flagship LG Multi V IV line is designed to bring a new level of energy efficiency and flexibility to commercial office buildings, schools, hotels and other buildings.

Also new for 2015 are GEN 4 indoor units for Multi V IV. Key features include design flexibility with the benefit of multiple auxiliary heating schemes and enhanced communication. Several units will also feature a new design and larger capacities. For instance, the modified four-way cassette panel can be installed on one standard ceiling tile, eliminating overlap of the cassette’s grill and creating a neat and clean design. The LG signature ART COOL® Gallery indoor unit is now a part of the Multi V product line, expanding the design options for commercial applications. These Multi V indoor units are also equipped with auto operation, self diagnostics, sleep mode and a timer, offering personalized comfort for the end-user and helping to further LG’s position as the unparalleled industry leader regarding VRF technology in the United States.

LG Single Zone Systems

LG is introducing its new Single Zone High Efficiency systems, a number of which have earned the ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient 2015 designation. These single zone indoor units are now compatible with most Multi F Multi Zone outdoor units. With individual control and design flexibility, these multi zone compatible, duct-free indoor units are among the industry’s leading heat pump systems, best suited for use in residences and small office buildings.


LG VRF Airside Solutions

The newest LG Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS) now includes the option of a powerful re-heat application, requiring only one outdoor unit with a simplified two-pipe connection to the LG heat recovery unit. The system can be accessed and controlled through the intuitive, easy-to-use interface of the new LG AC Smart IV central controller. The new LG Air Handler Unit Communication Kit (AHU) extends LG VRF performance and functionality to third-party air handling units. This kit meets large zone demands and addresses special filtration requirements. Both LG solutions, available spring 2015, provide a fully integrated system with seamless operation.

LG Smart AC IV

The newest model of the LG Smart AC IV, debuting in early 2015, will have a redesigned, interactive user interface. The central controller communicates with LG indoor units and controls up to 128 devices. The controller offers advanced features in addition to basic unit control and monitoring. These features include scheduling, auto-changeover, email alarm notification, visual floor plan navigation and interlocking. Ideal for office buildings, schools and other commercial applications, the AC Smart IV is outfitted with a large, clear touch-screen display with user-controlled web access, making monitoring HVAC units simple and convenient.

LG Zone Controller Options

LG now offers an alternative to the standard LG Zone Controller that allows third-party digital thermostat control of LG Multi V indoor units. Available spring 2015, the Dry Contact option provides the capability for a homeowner or business to use a controller of their choice – whether from Nest, Honeywell or another manufacturer. The option also allows for indoor run and air status through isolated output contacts and enables and disables an indoor unit based on security, emergency stop or occupancy inputs. The module is easy to install and can serve as a standalone fixed set point controller.