New REHAU Smart Controls System Featured at AHR Expo 2012

REHAU showcases complete line of energy-efficient HVAC solutions and renewable energy technologies

REHAU announces its exhibition at AHR Expo 2012, January 23 to 25 in Chicago.  The company will display its complete line of sustainable building technologies, including the REHAU Smart Controls system for optimizing the balance between energy-efficient HVAC operation and overall occupant comfort.


“REHAU innovations have helped define the world of construction for more than 60 years, and our systems are working to provide sustainable comfort in thousands of today’s residential and commercial buildings across the globe,” said Mike Dietrich, business team manager, building technology at REHAU.  “Whether the goal is to lower a building’s carbon footprint or achieve complete independence from the power grid, sustainable building technologies from REHAU can make a substantial contribution to achieving it.”

REHAU will showcase its most recent developments for the renewable energy market, including the RAUGEO™ ground loop heat exchange, REHAU ECOAIR™ ground-air heat exchange and radiant cooling systems, as well as the new Web-enabled REHAU Smart Controls System.  The complete line of RAUPEX® and INSULPEX® pipe and the RAUPANEL™ radiant heating system will also be discussed.

            “We are focused on assisting our customers as they navigate an ever-changing construction industry, especially in relation to sustainable building systems,” Dietrich said.  “Providing quality products and systems, as well as design, training and professional development services, REHAU also aims to serve as a knowledge resource for emerging building trends, technologies and certifications.

REHAU will highlight its comprehensive line of renewable energy and sustainable building systems at AHR Expo 2012 booth No. 2522.  These include:


REHAU Smart Controls System

The new REHAU Smart Controls system, designed for residential and mid-range commercial buildings, addresses today’s energy saving goals by facilitating intelligent integration and optimization of a building’s HVAC system components.

REHAU Smart Controls can be operated via a Web-enabled device from any Internet-accessible location in the world, and provide a turnkey solution for remote-controlled HVAC system activities as simple as turning up the thermostat on the way home from work, or as complex as reconfiguring multi-zone setpoints to accommodate changing seasonal conditions.

The REHAU Smart Controls system streamlines the typical mechanical room with a control panel that integrates all the HVAC hardware with a dedicated on-site computer.  The mechanical contractor configures the system to the building owner’s unique lifestyle, comfort and energy-efficiency requirements, and continues to support the owner in analyzing and fine-tuning system performance through an ongoing service relationship.

RAUGEO™ Geothermal Ground Loop Systems

RAUGEO™ PEXa pipe is manufactured using the high-pressure peroxide method of crosslinking polyethylene, and features a coextruded grey PE UV shield that protects the pipe against ultraviolet light for extended periods.  The U-bend tips are then encased in a glass-reinforced resin, providing enhanced protection during handling and borehole insertion.  All RAUGEO PEXa pipe meets or exceeds the requirements of ASTM F876, F877, CSA B137.5 and PPI TR-3, and is produced in a REHAU manufacturing facility with an ISO 9001 certified quality management system.


Single U-Bend: RAUGEO™ single U-bends are recognized by the IGSHPA “Design and Installation Standards” guide as an accepted piping system for vertical ground loop heat exchangers.  They are specially designed for use in residential geothermal systems, where thermal energy requirements do not necessitate the use of a double U-bend.  RAUGEO single U-bend pipe is available in 200-, 250- and 300-ft. (61-, 76- and 91-m) coil lengths.

Double U-Bend:  The RAUGEO double U-bend increases borehole efficiency and lowers installation costs by reducing the required total borehole length. The unique double U-bend design increases borehole energy extraction by up to 20 percent, maximizing the energy output of each well. The RAUGEO U-bend is crafted from a single piece of pipe, eliminating the need for welds in the field, and increasing borehole pipe integrity.  The elimination of welds translates to fewer potential leaks, reducing the risk of costly installer call-backs.

360-ft. Coil:  REHAU offers the new 360-ft. (110-m) coil, which provides a 300-ft. (91-m) well depth with an additional 60 feet (18 meters) of pipe to feed directly back to a central manifold.  This allows for complete elimination of all buried fittings in the field, saving both installation time and further reducing the risk of failure in the field.


REHAU ECOAIR™ Ground-Air Heat Exchange Systems

The REHAU ECOAIR™ ground-air heat exchange system provides improved indoor air ventilation, enhanced energy efficiency and increased comfort in alignment with the fresh air requirements of today’s tighter building envelopes.  It capitalizes on the relatively consistent 45°F to 54°F (7°C to 12°C) ground temperatures found 5 to 7 feet (1.5 to 2 meters) below the earth’s surface where, previous to entering the indoor ventilation system, fresh air is pre-warmed with ground heat in winter, and pre-cooled with cooler ground temperatures in summer.  In addition to directly reducing the energy required to heat or cool incoming fresh air, the system provides a number of benefits to overall ventilation system optimization.  These include lowering relative humidity during periods of cooling, and hindering condensation from freezing in heat recovery ventilators (HRV) during the heating season by raising the outside air temperature before it enters the HRV.

The REHAU ECOAIR ground-air heat exchange system is comprised of an air inlet, filtering and condensation management components, rigid PVC pipe and fittings.  The smooth-walled pipe offers good heat conductivity to promote exceptional ground-to-air heat transfer, while also facilitating effective condensation discharge.  It has a unique, silver

particle-enabled inner layer that inhibits microbial growth, as tested and verified by SGS Institut Fresenius in Taunusstein, Germany to ASTM Standard E2180.  The silver material is also registered with the EPA for use as an antimicrobial in HVAC applications.


Radiant Heating Systems

Providing one of today’s most comfortable and efficient types of heat, the REHAU radiant heating system circulates heated water through RAUPEX® crosslinked polyethylene (PEXa) pipe installed in floors, walls or ceilings.  The system’s consistent operating temperature range is also ideally compatible with alternative energy sources such as geothermal heat exchange.

Snow and Ice Melting Systems

The innovative REHAU hydronic snow and ice melting (SIM) system is designed to quickly and efficiently remove snow and ice from vehicle or pedestrian pathways.  SIM systems minimize snow removal and accompanying costs, as wellas the need to apply salt or other melting agents that can be corrosive to many surfaces and detrimental to the environment.  Installed underneath or within an outdoor ground surface, the system includes RAUPEX pipe, the EVERLOC® compression-sleeve fitting system and PRO-BALANCE® manifolds.

INSULPEX® Energy Transfer Pipe

Engineered for the efficient transfer of hot or chilled water, INSULPEX consists of pre-insulated RAUPEX O2 barrier pipe for a flexible, lighter alternative to rigid piping systems.  Available in one- and two-pipe configurations and a range of ASTM-compliant diameters, INSULPEX pipe is produced with a bonded layer of CFC-free polyurethane foam insulation that minimizes heat loss and water permeability, eliminating the need for insulating on-the-job.  The black outer casing of seamless, co-extruded polyethylene offers increased UV resistance.