High corrosion resistance and broad fluid compatibility meet the cooling requirements of modern data centers


Danfoss’ new Universal Quick Disconnect (UQD) couplings provide superior performance and reliability for liquid cooling, ensuring peak performance for critical applications. Engineered for the precision cooling requirements of modern data centers, the couplings drive a strong return on investment through robust design, long service life and lower maintenance.

Ideal for liquid cooling applications that use smaller hose lines, Danfoss UQD couplings are available in four sizes, as well as various terminal ends and thread configurations. Two color options are available to minimize the risk of misconnection while reducing assembly and maintenance time. In addition, the couplings are engineered to enable quicker and easier maintenance with a push-to-connect design and best-in-class force to connect, both of which allow for convenient, tool-free connection and disconnection with one hand.

Constructed from stainless steel with an EPDM rubber seal, Danfoss UQD couplings offer high corrosion resistance and broad fluid compatibility. With a flat face dry-break design, Danfoss UQD couplings are ideal for use in highly critical applications that demand 100% uptime and leak-free operation. As an additional safety measure, every coupling is helium leak tested.

UQD couplings provide a 25% higher flow rate than Open Compute Project community standards and a low pressure drop. Their best-in-class performance improves system efficiency and reduces in-rack power consumption, enabling data center operators to benefit from long-term cost savings. In quantified competitive results, Danfoss UQD couplings outperform industry standard equivalent and competitor IP products when it comes to flow and pressure drop performance by 25%.

“Based on decades of engineering experience, these new UQD couplings complement Danfoss’ longstanding leading source line coupling, the FD83, and various liquid cooling hoses, supporting our strategy as a fluid conveyance system solution provider.” said Amanda Bryant, product manager, Danfoss Power Solutions. “They enable our customers to build reliable and complete thermal management solutions that keep staff and equipment safe, while maximizing performance and long-term value.”