With an inauguration ceremony, TK Elevator opened its new North American headquarters last February. Located in Atlanta, the complex of three buildings includes both office space and a state-of-the-art Innovation and Qualification Center (IQC); the latter of which is now home to the tallest elevator test tower in North America counting a height of 128 meters (420 ft). Thanks to the company’s investment in Research and Development (R&D), TK Elevator will continue to provide the most innovative mobility solutions for existing and potential customers. Furthermore, the new North American headquarters provide sufficient office space of more than 19,000 square meters (105,000 square feet) thus offering an ideal setting for innovation and flexible collaboration to more than 900 TKE employees. By integrating both administration and technology center at the new headquarters, the company will ensure an even stronger cooperation between these functions and leverage synergies to an optimum.


Peter Walker, CEO of TK Elevator, emphasized: “North America generates more than one-third of our global revenue. This makes it one of our strongest performing regions worldwide. Our 200-million-USD investment underscores our commitment to this major market. And it marks yet another important milestone for TK Elevator as an independent company.”

The cornerstone of the new headquarters is the IQC: It does not only include industry-leading R&D capacities and software labs but also a digital showroom, engineering offices and training facilities. An ultramodern elevator test tower is particularly important: It offers 18 shafts to assess new concepts and product pilots, as well as to ensure compliance with highest safety standards and requirements. Among those products tested are high-speed elevators and TWIN, TK Elevator’s unique elevator system that has two cabins working independently in one shaft. The IQC will also be home to International Technical Services (ITS), TK Elevator’s exclusive network of experts who provide technical expertise and maintenance service for both TKE and competitor units.

“At our new headquarters and our one-of-a-kind IQC we will develop new technologies that serve as the foundation of our innovative product portfolio. This will enable us to meet and even exceed evolving customer and market requirements,” said Kevin Lavallee, CEO of TK Elevator North America, COO Field and member of the TK Elevator Management Board. “Our new North American headquarters would not have been possible without the hard work of our employees. We thank everyone for their contribution and look forward to welcoming employees, customers and visitors here soon.”

The IQC is currently being evaluated for the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. In its pursuit, TK Elevator recognized a

12-percent reduction in embodied carbon compared to typical construction through concrete mix optimization by using ground granulated blast furnace slag and fly ash which allows for a significant saving of carbon-dioxide emissions. Official LEED certification is expected in the coming weeks.

“The future of the entire elevator industry is driven by innovation and sustainability, and we are proud that our IQC and test tower will be the most widely recognized symbol of that in North America,” added Lavallee.

TK Elevator North America employs more than 11,000 people – approximately 9,000 of them

in the U.S. – across over 160 locations in the U.S. and Canada. Those locations include the LEED Gold certified manufacturing facility in Middleton (Tennessee), U.S, as well as the ITS Centre in Toronto, Canada. In the fiscal year of 2020/21, TK Elevator North America generated approximately EUR 2.9 billion, or rather more than USD 3 billion, in sales. In addition,

TK Elevator achieved strong increases across its core business lines (new installation, modernization and service) in Canada and the U.S. as it continues to expand its sizable footprint across North America.