Johnson Controls (NYSE: JCI), celebrates 125 years of its Sabroe brand as a pioneer in industrial refrigeration systems in Denmark and abroad. What started with a high-performing refrigeration machine – produced in a small company founded by engineer Thomas Ths. Sabroe in 1897 in Aarhus – has since developed into a global brand that has increased sales year-over-year by consistently providing customers with reliable and sustainable refrigeration solutions.

Edición Digital Febrero 2023

Through the years, Sabroe products and applications have enabled millions of people to enjoy a modern lifestyle: a farm-fresh meal in the middle of the city, a cold drink on a sunny day or making sure that the internet, powered by energy-optimized data centers, never overheats. In a nutshell, Sabroe’s customised refrigeration and heating solutions support numerous industries, ranging from pharmaceuticals to energy infrastructure, food and beverage, as well as breweries, automotive and marine transport. The sports and entertainment industries also use Sabroe’s cooling and heating systems in stadiums, ice-rings and bobsleigh runs.

Looking back
In 1898, only one year after the company was founded, Sabroe’s carbon dioxide refrigeration machine was making inroads into the market, with exports starting to dairy companies in several European countries.

Today, Sabroe is renowned for its cutting-edge high-quality products, including high-tech compressors, chillers and heat pumps.

Locally, Sabroe’s success was fundamental to Aarhus becoming a dynamic industrial town, as well as boosting economic growth in the entire West Denmark region. By supplying dairies and abattoirs with reliable refrigeration solutions, Sabroe also contributed greatly to the development of Danish agriculture. Over the years, Sabroe evolved with the acquisition of several other brands, gaining a competitive edge, and eventually becoming a Johnson Controls brand in 2005.

Looking ahead
Today, Sabroe is renowned for its cutting-edge high-quality products, including high-tech compressors, chillers and heat pumps. At the core of cooling and heating solutions, the Sabroe products support customers in achieving their decarbonization goals through well-tested green technology, using natural refrigerants. Not only is this viable and sustainable, but also safe and energy efficient, reducing costs and providing clean heating and cooling to several industries, including district heating.

An anniversary worth celebrating
“This anniversary is a truly remarkable moment for our Johnson Controls team in Denmark. Our more than 700 employees in Denmark are extremely proud of our rich history. Many of our employees have been part of our family for 20, 30, 40 and even 60 years of dedicated and passionate collaboration. We all feel privileged to continue to pursue the innovation journey that Thomas Ths. Sabroe embarked on 125 years ago,” said Lene Overgaard Andersen, general manager Johnson Controls Denmark.

“We want to take this opportunity to thank our customers, partners and suppliers all over the world for choosing Johnson Controls as their trusted partner and we remain fully committed to continuously developing solutions that meet market demands and drive sustainability goals,” added Andrea Vallejo, vice president and general manager for global industrial refrigeration.

Buildings amount to almost 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and with energy prices at an all-time high, boosting energy efficiency is a key objective across Europe and the rest of the world.

Heat pumps in particular are seen as an essential technology as part of the European Union’s objectives for a sustainable, low-carbon economy, as set out in its Green Deal. Heat pumps’ ability to provide heating and cooling without the need for additional natural gas is critical in the current international context.

Johnson Controls Denmark is a leading manufacturer of industrial cooling and heating systems with one of the broadest portfolios in the world, including: chillers, heat pump units, compressor packages, heat exchangers and control systems.